We share change-making fashion brands and educate about responsible consumption. Our mission is to transform the fashion industry towards a circular and socially responsible system and drive businesses to serve the UN's SDGs.
Regardless of your starting point in humanitarian justice and environmentalism, everyone is inclusively invited to be part of this movement.

"Fashion needs to act on climate. If we continue on our current path, we will miss our 2030 emissions reduction targets by 50%, leading to accelerated global warming. From rising sea levels, to extreme rainfall and more powerful heatwaves, the consequences of climate change can no longer be ignored, either by society or the fashion industry, which will see many impacts on its operations in the years ahead."
– Global Fashion Agenda & McKinsey & Company
"Last April 24, Ismail Ferdous, my co-director on this Op-Doc video, photographed the deadliest disaster in garment industry history: the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, which killed more than 1,100 workers and injured around 2,500.
His images capture not only the raw destruction and shattered lives, but also the citizen volunteers who worked tirelessly to help rescue victims in the rubble. In the video, he speaks candidly about the trauma of photographing the collapse, where the smell of dead bodies filled the air." […] While Americans are fond of low prices for clothing, some are possible only because workers in Bangladesh (among other countries) toil in sweatshops for meager wages, in dangerous conditions. This needs to change." 
– April 2014, Nathan Fitch, The New York Times
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